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John Calvi's Year End Letter 2013

John Calvi’s Year End Letter 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all your good care and strong support over 2013.  It’s been a very full year.  I’ve been working with several people – helping some to live, helping some to die.  I’ve traveled the country and worked with groups in 10 states.  I’ve been teaching massage, energy work, healing from trauma, avoiding burnout, among other things.  This is my 31st year teaching all this, working by invitation, and living mainly on gifts.

The biggest news for me was the publication of my book in late June.  “The Dance Between Hope & Fear” is 225 pages of my journals, letters, speeches, and lectures.  The response has been beyond all I could hope for with many people saying it’s a long awaited gift to keep and use for all time.  Shelly Angel, my editor, has done a tremendous job of shaping stacks of old papers, scribbled journals, and ancient computer files into a cohesive whole.  It’s available from Friends General Conference Bookstore and from Amazon.  I hope you will enjoy it.  Work on a second book already began this summer.

My calendar shows a wide range of uses for a Quaker healer in his 6th decade.  All this has been possible because support has come even during difficult financial times.  I’ve never gotten use to the suspense of living on gifts really.  But every year I am made grateful and productive because your kindness and generosity continue and so much good work is done.

I need your help to do more.  Please.  I have more work to do as a Quaker healer and as a teacher.  I have more work to do as the founding convener of the Quaker Initiative to End Torture- QUIT!  I have more work to do as a writer and a seeker.  Please send a gift and help me continue.  Thank you for all your kindness these many years.

In the Light,

John Calvi

PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346  802/387-4789

New engagement updates, photos, writings, and my book available at my website

John Calvi’s Completed Calendar 2013

February 27 – March 7  Final Edits with Editor  Richardson TX
March 9 Friends in Need   Atlanta GA
March 10 Friends in Need Candler NC
March 11 Friends in Need   Winston-Salem NC
April 20 Friends in need   Williston VT
May 14 – 18 Final Edits with Readers   Provincetown MA
May 31   Friends in need   Brookhaven PA
May 31 – June 1 Pendle Hill Weekend Workshop, Mon Lecture   Wallingford PA
June 2 Friends in need Newtown PA
June 18 – 21 Albuquerque Friends Meeting Healing w/Friends Albuquerque NM
June 22 Santa Fe Friends Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness Workshop   Santa Fe NM
June 30 – July 6 Friends General Conference   workshop, book release   Greeley CO
July 7 Boulder Friends Meeting   Ministry Among Friends   Boulder CO
July 26 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition workshops   Stowe VT
August 5 – 7 Workshops, book release & reading   Smithfield RI
August 16 Friends in need   Williston VT
September 18 Friends in need   Putney VT
October 14 QUIT Update OLLI Lectures    Dummerston VT
Dec 7 New England YM Jr Hi Retreat  GOOD TOUCH Woolman Hill Deerfield MA

John Calvi’s Incomplete Anticipated Calendar 2014
March 14 – 15 Powell House Rest, Release, Repair, Restore  Old Chatham NY  weekend workshop massage, energy work, rest, cleanse
May 30 –June 1 Pendle Hill Workshop GOODNESS Wallingford PA  weekend workshop of massage, rest, and feeling goodness
June 29 – July Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness  California PA  5 mornings of massage, energy work, meditation
July 25 – Vermont People with AIDS Coalition workshops  Stowe VT
August 2 – 7 New England Yearly Meeting  workshops Castleton VT  three days of workshops – massage, energy work, avoiding burnout

Definitions- tax law says a donation carries the expectation of work for which I am taxed.  gift is given out of respect, affection, or charity, such as – my birthday- May 14, my wedding anniversary- August 26, or a Christmas gift.

P. O. Box 301  Putney VT 05346


John Calvi
PO Box 301
Putney, VT 05346