Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meditation for Letting Go

Here is a meditation I've used over the years to help myself and others let go of a particular difficulty, to stop focusing on the problem, and feel ones true healthy essence. I hope it may be useful.

Rest, Sugar, & Light – John Calvi

I am lying comfortably and relaxed.
Every muscle is resting and still.
Each breath becomes slower and longer and deeper.
I feel my body sink into the floor/couch/bed.
My thoughts slow to listening to my own breathing.
I feel my fatigue and am grateful to be still.
The lines around my eyes relax.
The muscles in my back and shoulders relax.
My jaw relaxes.
My feet are happy to be off duty.
My hands lose their tension and are loose.

Out of the sky falls a light snowfall of sugar.
It falls all over and covers me.
The sugar hardens and forms a coat, a crust.
I am more still and quiet.

Soon, a warm rain falls.
The warm water soaks the sugar.
The warm rains wash the sugar away.
And below the sugar there is only bright Light.
The Bright Light of our essence is all that is left.

I breath and rest as a being of Light still and quiet.