Sunday, October 14, 2012

2012 Fall Travel Work Calendar - John Calvi

Here are my last teaching engagements for 2012.
Hoping I will see some of you where I'm teaching-

John’s Travel Work Fall Calendar 2012

Oct 16 - 22  Shelly Angel in Putney to edit my book, 
preparing for publishing

October 24  Dominican University  
Gender Studies  San Raphael CA

October 25 Grass Valley Friends Mtg & 
Woolman Semester School 
Grass Valley CA

October 26-28 Quaker Center Healing workshop 
Ben Lomond CA

November 9 & 10  Stony Run Friends Mtg 
QUIT Update Fri, 
Goodness wkshp Sat
Baltimore, MD

November 11 Homewood Friends Mtg  QUIT Update 
Sun 9 AM Baltimore, MD

November 16-18 Powell House 
Healing Hands Healing Self  
Old Chatham NY