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29th Beethoven Letter May 2013

The 29th Beethoven Letter – John Calvi 
Dear Friends,
A new adventure has taken me.  My years are full of invitations to teach and touch.  Once in a while the schedule gets thin and I know some new arrangement is being made. A light schedule in 1990 allowed me rest at Pendle Hill.  In 2008 I was able to celebrate 25 years of trauma work with a sabbatical.  Now something new.

Last year a very brave editor asked for everything I’ve written on healing.  Shelly Angel of Dallas, Texas has now edited 30 years of letters, journals, speeches, lectures, and articles creating my first book. The Dance between Hope & Fear will be available in June from Amazon.  I expect it will also be available at both FGC and Pendle Hill bookstores.  Shelly has done an amazing job of working reams of poor spelling, jumbles of punctuation, and heaps of over-written pages into a good look into my journey as a Quaker healer with a gift for releasing pain following trauma.  My light teaching schedule made way for tons of rewrites and choosing what must wait for a second volume.  This is miraculous for me and a great joy.

My traveling work continues as you see by my calendar—Pendle Hill very soon, Friends General Conference Gathering in July, with various stops before and after with the usual meetings, conferences, and annual gatherings.  I am about to be 61 and have been on the road learning about healing from trauma since 1982.  And your good invitations to teach massage, energy work, avoiding burnout, and deeper spiritual life through good selfcare have kept me going all this time.  Thank you for making this life work available for so long and to so many.  Working by invitation is a dance we’ve done together.

Living mainly on gifts has lots of suspense to it.  Generosity seems to depend on the general economy, personal connection, and what is possible.  I have used your gifts now for 30 years to reach into places with no Light and bring care and comfort to those in need.  I am grateful for all we’ve done together and I hope you will help me continue.  I need your help.

In the Light,  John Calvi

PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346

The Dance between Hope & Fear Celebrating June release of my new book  
Amazon, FGC & Pendle Hill Bookstores

John Calvi’s partial incomplete 2013 Calendar (as of May 2013) 

January – May:   Final Edits.   The Dance between Hope & Fear

May 31 – June 2:  Pendle Hill – Come Away and Rest Awhile - workshop on deep rest and restoration for better life and work.

June 3: Pendle Hill  How I Taught Murdering Rapists Massage and Stayed Calm – And you can too!  First Monday Series free lectures. Wallingford PA

June 12–15:  Albuquerque Friends Meeting – meeting retreat.  Albuquerque New Mexico 

June 22:  Santa Fe Meeting – Avoiding Burnout workshop and Quaker Initiative to End Torture – QUIT! Update.  Santa Fe New Mexico

June 29 – July 6:  Friends General Conference Gathering – Abandon All Weariness workshop, book reading/signing, Quaker Initiative to End Torture Update.  

July 7:  Boulder Meeting – speaking on Released Friends tradition, new book, avoiding burnout, and The Quaker Initiative to End Torture – QUIT!   Boulder CO

July 25 – 28:  Vermont People with AIDS Coalition annual retreat workshops.  Stowe VT

August 3-8:  New England Yearly Meeting – workshops on energy work and avoiding burnout, book signing/reading, QUIT update.  Smithfield RI

Here is the link to my talk to Friends General Conference on healing America by ending torture.

Here’s a radio interview I did on healing and torture.  Listen free or purchase CD.   http://www

P. O. Box 301  Putney VT 05346

Definitions: Tax law says a donation carries the expectation of work for which I am taxed.  A gift is given out of respect, affection, or charity, such as my birthday—May 14, my wedding anniversary— August 26, or a Christmas gift.

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