Monday, December 22, 2014

John Calvi's Year End Letter 2014

John Calvi’s Year End Letter 2014

Dear Friends,                                                                         

The firewood is stacked and we are ready for the first snows as I prepare for my final teaching trips this year.  It’s been a year of travel via wonderful invitations to touch and teach about healing from trauma, massage and energy work to release stress and illness, and teaching updates on American torture.  My life seems to be one of chosen extremes. 

My book, The Dance Between Hope & Fear, was released in June 2013.  It’s available from both and Amazon.  The notes from readers are clear—this book on healing trauma and stories about a life of service has been very welcome and deeply useful to seekers of all stripes.  Reviews from Friends Journal, FGC Books, and Quaker Theology are more than generous and point to a very successful rendering of tons of messy pages by my very fine editor, Shelly Angel, who created this book.

Shelly and I are hard at work on a second book.  This will also contain journal writings, speeches, stories on healing trauma, opening to a calling, and funny stories about being a gay Italian Quaker healer living in Vermont in the 21st century.  Hoping for release late Spring or early Summer.

Jon Watts, Quaker performer, interviewed me for Friends Journal in August while I was teaching at New England Yearly Meeting.  Jon did a great job of editing a heap of talk down to an essence so you could hear about my work with trauma survivors – tortured refugees, inmates, rape survivors, child abuse survivors, etc.  This 4 minute video can be seen here –

My radio interview on American torture can be heard here-

Here is my completed 2014 calendar and my incomplete partial and still forming 2015 calendar.  You can see along with individual work and writing, I am a busy well-used person working by invitation and living mainly on gifts as I have been doing since the first Beethoven letter in 1984.

I need your support to continue.  I’ve energy and experience to put to good use and many people to mentor in the work.  Please send a gift to me.  I promise it will further my reach to be of comfort and help to people in need.  Thank you for years of support.  Thirty years of living on gifts has made me very grateful for the work I’m given and the help from all of you.

In the Light, John Calvi

John Calvi’s Completed Calendar 2014

March 14 –16 Powell House Rest, Release, Repair, Restore  Old Chatham NY  weekend workshop massage, energy work, rest, cleanse 

April 17-20 South Central Yearly Meeting - Workshops & Book Reading & Signing  Bruceville TX

April 22 – 29  Second book work week with my editor Shelly Angel  Richardson TX

May 2-4 Atlanta Friends Meeting- QUIT Update, Meeting Retreat - Deep Relaxation for Deeper Spiritual Seeking, Book Reading and signing  Atlanta GA

May 30 –June 1 Pendle Hill GOODNESS Workshop Wallingford PA  weekend workshop of massage, rest, and gathering as sense of goodness

June 29 – July 5 Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness  California PA  5 mornings of massage, energy work, meditation for deep rest and healing

August 2 – 7 New England Yearly Meeting  workshops Castleton VT  3 days of workshops – massage, energy work, avoiding burnout

November 19 Taft Institute Annual Seminar for American History Teachers

November 21-23 St Petersburg Friends Meeting  St Petersburg FL
QUIT Update, workshop, meeting for healing

Partial Incomplete Calendar for 2015

February 14 Young Friends New England Yearly Meeting - Good Touch Wellesley MA

March 26 - 27 Toronto Friends Mtg Healing Workshops Toronto Ont

May 29-31 Pendle Hill  Deep Rest, Deep Stillness –  Wallingford, PA
Weekend workshop - massage, energy work, meditation, major napping

July 5-11 Friends General Conference Gathering, W Carolina Univ, Callowhee NC
Weeklong morning workshop of massage, energy work, meditation

July 17 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition 25th Retreat.  Stowe VT
Workshops on stress reduction, deep relaxation, grief, and healing trauma

October 23-25 Powell House Weekend workshop of restoration of calm & rest, Old Chatham NY
Weekend workshop of massage, energy work, meditation

Please send a gift to my address below. THANKS!
Definitions- tax law says a donation carries the expectation of work for which I am taxed.  A gift is given out of respect, affection, or charity, such as –
my birthday- May 14, my wedding anniversary- August 26, or a Christmas gift.


P. O. Box 301  Putney VT 05346