Friday, December 2, 2011

John Calvi's Year End Letter 2011

2011 Year End Letter – John Calvi

Dear Friends,

It’s been a year full of wonderful invitations and good work. I’ve been welcomed into beautiful teaching opportunities all across country. And for this I am very grateful. A life’s work is a gift to keep learning, more and better.

I began my work of healing trauma in 1982 and began to receive invitations to travel and teach in 1985. For me it’s been a study in reverence and self-disciplines that has taken a reluctant student and mercifully shaped a teacher and healer. A gift for releasing pain is useful for many different kinds of hurt.

Among the wonderful invitations this year, was to speak to a gathering of North American Quakers on healing America by ending torture. It’s available here -

In many ways this felt to be a culmination of 30 years work with torture survivors and as founding convener of The Quaker Initiative to End Torture. I recommend this to you as representing an essence of my life’s work. There is also a recording of a radio interview on healing and torture here-

This has also been a year when friends in need have been plentiful. I am not a primary care person, but often I am helping a dozen people to transition in their dying or healing of trauma. Much good work has also happened here.

2012 also has some great invitations. I’ll be speaking to Pacific Yearly Meeting August in California. My calendar is enclosed. I hope to see many of you in the coming year. This is another joy built into this particular life’s work.

It’s almost 30 years now since I began to live mainly on gifts. I can’t say it’s always been smooth, nor easy in today’s economy. Your kindness has been key to my being out in the world working. Your help makes it possible for me to continue. I am asking you to help now again, to keep me, and my work, on the road. In the Light, John Calvi

PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346
John Calvi’s 2011Completed Calendar
February 1-2 Senate Meetings with Quaker Initiative to End Torture- QUIT Washington DC
March 11-13 Powell House – Peace Within, Goodness Throughout workshop Old Chatham, NY
March 20 New Orleans Friends Meeting – QUIT Update New Orleans, LA
April 1-3 Guilford College Sexuality workshops - QUIT Update Greensboro, NC
April 3-4 Durham Friends Meeting Goodness workshop & Sessions Durham, NC
April 4-5 Raleigh Friends Meeting Goodness workshop & Sessions Raleigh, NC
May 6-8 Pendle Hill Washed in the Light by Tender Hands workshop Wallingford, PA
July 3-9 Friends General Conference Evening Plenary –American Torture Grinnell, IA
July 15 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition Retreat workshops Stowe, VT
August 6-11 New England Yearly Meeting workshops, journal readings Smithfield, RI
October 7-9 St Louis Friends Meetings workshops, QUIT Update St Louis, MO
October 18 Queens College Social Studies Teachers Seminar- American Torture New York, NY
October 31 – Nov 1 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
November 4-6 Quaker Center The Goodness workshop Ben Lomond, CA

John Calvi’s Incomplete Partial Calendar for 2012 – (as of December 2011)
February 4 Quaker Studies Program Goodness workshop Beacon Hill Mtg Boston, MA
March Doylestown Friends Meeting QUIT Update Doylestown, PA
May 18 – 20 Pendle Hill Healing Wallingford PA
July 1 – 7 Friends General Conference workshops Kingston, RI
July 20 VT People w/Aids Coalition workshops stress reduction Stowe, VT
August 4 – 9 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Smithfield, RI
August 13-18 Pacific Yearly Meeting Plenary Walker Ranch Petaluma, CA
November 6 – 8 Powell House Healing Hands Healing Self Old Chatham, NY

Definitions- tax law says a donation carries the expectation of work for which I am taxed. A gift is given out of respect, affection, or charity, such as –
my birthday- May 14, my wedding anniversary- August 26, or a Christmas gift.
P. O. Box 301 Putney VT 05346