Wednesday, January 21, 2015

John Calvi's partial incomplete 2015 Calendar

My travel work calendar for 2015 is taking shape.  The phone rings and a new trip is created.  Working by invitation and living mainly on gifts is now going into 32 years!  Hope to see you!

John Calvi’s partial incomplete 2015 Calendar

February 14 New England Yearly Meeting Young Friends – high school retreat 
Good Touch, Respect in Our Hands, Safety workshop  Wellesley MA

March 6 Guilford College QUIT! Update with Quaker Leadership Scholars Program Greensboro NC

March 7 – 8 Durham Friends Meeting Energy Work for Tortured Refugees Durham NC

March 12 – 19 Shaping my Second book with editor extraordinaire Shelly Angel Richardson TX

March 26 – 27 Toronto Friends Meeting – QUIT! Update, Workshops Avoiding Burnout,
Deep Relaxation for Deeper Seeking  Toronto Ontario

May 29-31 Pendle Hill  Deep Rest, Deep Stillness –  Wallingford PA
Weekend workshop - massage, energy work, meditation, major napping

July 5-11 Friends General Conference Gathering W Carolina Univ  Callowhee NC
Weeklong morning workshop of massage, energy work, meditation

July 17 Vermont People with AIDS Coalition – retreat, workshops  Stowe VT

August 1 – 6 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Castleston VT

October 23-25 Powell House Weekend workshop of restoration of calm & rest Old Chatham NY
Weekend workshop of massage, energy work, meditation