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28th Beethoven Letter! Turning 60! 30 Years on the Road!

The 28th Beethoven Letter – John Calvi
Dear Friends,

Thirty years ago a young woman climbed on to my massage table with a nervous condition doctors were unable to name.  My hands became quite warm and she became much better after recalling an earlier abduction, rape, and torture.  That brief session 30 years ago was the beginning of a life’s work as a Quaker healer with a gift for releasing pain following trauma.  I turn 60 on May 14th and realize I’ve given half my life to this traveling work of touching and teaching.  It seems a very long time.  I’ve experienced it as a large mosaic moving quickly- fast, full, and very good.

I was honored with the Quaker Initiative to End Torture- QUIT! last July with an invitation to speak at Friends General Conference.  This talk on healing America by ending torture is available at the FGC bookstore.  As I began with torture, this was a culmination of 3 decades of study and work.  All together it’s been an experience of much Light and learning.

As you can see by my calendar, I am busy with various situations where healing is needed.  I began working in the rape crisis in 1982, AIDS in 1983, prisons in 1985, tortured refugees in 1988.  And I’ve continued with each of these groups over the years, going where invitation calls me.  I am writing more and an editor has come bravely forward to gather and edit my collected writings and journals for a book.  Many have enjoyed the writings on my website and blog.  Now much more becomes possible.

I have continued to live mainly on gifts all this time.  I have never quite relaxed into the suspense of it all and I don’t recommend this during world wide economic downturns. But over the years I have been given wonderful generosity to go forward, never refusing my work to those in need for lack of funding.  This has been a great blessing.  I can put the emphasis on getting good work done thanks to many who know my gifts and send support.  I need your help celebrating 30 years and going on.

Working by invitation, living on gifts- it’s been a fairly simple arrangement that has made for much good work in the world.  Please help me continue.  I am grateful to have had so full a life with so many of you along with me.

In the Light,
John Calvi April 2012

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John Calvi’s partial incomplete 2012 Calendar (as of April 2012)
Celebrating 30 Years of Good Works on the road!

New pictures, writings, and calendar changes at
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February 4 Quaker Studies  Goodness  Wellesley Mtg  Wellesley, MA
April 29   Doylestown Friends Meeting  QUIT Update  Doylestown, PA
May 18 – 20 Pendle Hill Goodness workshop  Wallingford PA
July 13 VT People w/Aids Coalition workshops stress reduction   Stowe, VT
August 4 – 9 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Smithfield, RI
August 13-18 Pacific Yearly Meeting Plenary Walker Ranch Petaluma, CA
August 21 – 23 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
October 15-19 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls, OR
October 23 Dominican University Gender Studies San Raphel, CA
October 26-28 Quaker Center Healing workshop Ben Lomond, CA
November 16 – 18 Powell House  Healing Hands  Healing Self  Old Chatham, NY

In celebrating 30 years of a life’s work and the good news of a brave editor who is collecting and shaping all my writings and journals for a book, I hope you will be in touch with support.

Here is the link to my talk to Friends General Conference on healing America by ending torture.

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