Monday, November 15, 2010

Year End Letter 2010

Year End Letter 2010– John Calvi

Dear Friends,

A good year of teaching and hands-on work is ending. I am closing in on 30 years of traveling since beginning my healing work in 1982. This year was another layer of time with wonderful invitations to teach about healing from trauma, avoiding burnout during hard work, and the on going task of ending American torture. I’ve been deeply engaged in all three of these works throughout 2010 as you can see by my calendar.

The healing of trauma continues to have great need in our times. Old wounds and new are carried until some safer ground is reached and then the work of inventory begins and hopefully some source of help identified and used well. Then change comes. Similarly, someone exhausted by ones inner work or work in the world faces the challenge of burnout. Again, finding a place of safe sharing and a resource begins the work of unburdening. When wars are raging and the economy is scary and the general tone of media is vitriolic, all tender hearted people wounded by life become more vulnerable, even those we thought to be fearless.

American torture is sometimes mistakenly thought to have been a problem beginning with President Bush and ending with President Obama. In truth, modern American torture began with the formation of the CIA and the decision to study and perfect torture in the late 1940’s. American torture continues today in our prisons abroad and at home, contrary to general media coverage. So the work of ending this continues also.

I’ve more notes on my blog on my website at, please check it out.
Here is a connection to a video of me teaching about American torture for half an hour in Burlington VT this fall. There are no horror stories about torture, though there are some serious questions raised about democracy. I hope you will view and share this-

These are particularly difficult times for mercy and compassion. While the needs are greater, a tone of meanness and suspense, including a sense of scarcity, grows within our country and our culture. This can place doubt in our considerations of giving. I want to assure you that my decades of service continue with my personal attention to good care in the deep waters of need and your help is vital.

I am grateful for the years of help I’ve received. It’s meant a life work of compassion and service done in various ways in numerous places. Your help now is needed for all this to continue. Please make a gift. Thank you for all you do.

In the Light,

John Calvi

PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346 802/387-4789

John Calvi’s Completed 2010 Calendar

March 13 Quaker Initiative to End Torture & Healing Energy Work Meeting School Rindge NH
April 17-19 Lake Forest Friends Meeting Retreat Leader Lake Forest IL
June 20-24 Pendle Hill Washed in Light by Tender Hands Wallingford PA
July 4-10 Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness QUIT Update Bowling Green OH
July 16 VT People with AIDS Coalition Deep Relaxation Stowe VT
July 18-24 New York Yearly Meeting QUIT Plenary w/QUNO Silver Lake NY
August 8-12 New England Yearly Meeting workshops Smithfield RI
September 18 Missoula Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness & Healing workshops Missoula MT
September 20-22 Dragonfly Transitions staff & students workshops Klamath Falls OR
September 24-26 Quaker Initiative to End Torture 4th National Conference Quaker Ctr Ben Lomond CA
October 3 Pima Meeting Goodness workshop QUIT Update Tucson AZ
October 7 Santa Fe Meeting QUIT Update, Goodness talk Santa Fe NM
October 9 Albuquerque Meeting Healing workshop QUIT Update Albuquerque NM

October 23 Burlington Friends Meeting Talk on Torture & Healing Burlington VT

November 16 Taft Institute Annual Seminar for Teachers American Torture Queens College Flushing NY
November 18 QUIT Steering Committee Future Planning Old Chatham NY
November 19-21 Quaker Initiative to End Torture Conference Old Chatham NY

*John Calvi’s Partial Incomplete 2011 Calendar (as of November 2010)*

January 14-16 2011 Eisenhower Anniversary Military-Industrial Complex Warning Healing Torture Guilford College Greensboro, NC
January 17 2011 Durham Meeting Healing workshop Durham, NC
March 11-13 2011 Powell House – Peace Within, Goodness Thruout Old Chatham, NY
March 17-20 2011 New Orleans, LA
April 1-3 2011 Guilford College Sexuality and Friends Greensboro, NC
May 6-8 2011 Pendle Hill Washed in the Light by Tender Hands Wallingford, PA
July 3-16 2011 Friends General Conf Plenary Healing American Torture Grinnell, IA
August 6-10 2011 New England Yearly Meeting Smithfield RI
November 4-6 2011 Quaker Center Goodness workshop Ben Lomond, CA

Definitions- tax law says a donation carries the expectation of work for which I am taxed.
A gift is given out of respect, affection, or charity, such as
my birthday- May 14, my wedding anniversary- August 26, or a Christmas gift.

P. O. Box 301 Putney VT 05346