Saturday, April 3, 2010

The 26th Beethoven Letter April 2010

The 26th Beethoven Letter by John Calvi

Dear Friends,

There is a particular discipline that comes with my duel works of healing trauma and ending torture. It is a discipline of attending to the immediate particulars while keeping an eye on the far horizon. While attending to the moment of right now, I keep in mind the time to come and bridging the two with great possibilities. I listen to the story of pain in one person while hearing what can be lifted and washed. I teach yet another group about continuing American torture, careful to set a tone that a time is coming when there will be no torture. This discipline has gotten steadier within me over the last 28 years. It is as necessary as breath and water. It is a tone as well as a posture, a perspective as well as a philosophy. Hope is not some random feeling of optimism but a tool, a great torch to be carried into places without Light.

And so spring comes and I am on the road. Marshall and I were legally married in Vermont a week after our 20th wedding anniversary and the town clerk asked if I was sure about this man. Since my work began in 1982, invitations to work and gifts to live have been my growing regular schedule. This year I am honored to be an invited speaker to New York Yearly Meeting as the founding convener of The Quaker Initiative to End Torture. And to be joining others for QUIT’s 4th conference taking place September 24-26 2010 at Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, California. I continue to teach healing at Friends General Conference, Pendle Hill, and Powell House. And I’ll make several new stops as invitations and my calendar grows- updates on my website. Both works continue with great need and few changes.

I need your help this year particularly with replacing my car. My 10 year old Saab insisted on retirement and a wonderful 4 year old Saab took the challenge thanks to my honest Mennonite mechanic, Al Scott. He keeps me on the road in safe affordable winter cars. Your help with this new debt would be a wonderful support I’d be very grateful for. Your generosity will be carefully used and deeply appreciated.

Many parts make my work possible. First there is the leading and spiritual gift to release pain. Then there is you- from you come the invitations to teach and the support that make work and living possible. It’s not easy to live on gifts- suspense is more than interesting. But it’s a dance we’ve been in now for 27 years. And I am very grateful for your part and mine. Please help me to continue a life work in these times.
In the Light,

John Calvi, April 2010

PO Box 301 Putney VT 05346 802/387-4789

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New engagement dates, photos, and writings at my website- also a journal blog.
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John Calvi’s Partial Incomplete 2010 Calendar (as of April)

March 13 Quaker Initiative to End Torture QUIT Update Meeting School Rindge NH

April 17-19 Lake Forest Friends Meeting Retreat Leader & QUIT Update Lake Forest IL

June 20-24 Pendle Hill Washed in Light by Tender Hands Wallingford PA

July 4-10 Friends General Conference Abandon All Weariness Bowling Green OH QUIT Update

July 16 VT People with AIDS Coalition Workshops Massage Stowe VT

July 18-24 New York Yearly Meeting QUIT Plenary Monday Silver Lake NY

August 8-12 New England Yearly Meeting Smithfield, RI

September 20-22 Dragonfly Transitions workshops Klamath Falls OR

September 24-26 Quaker Initiative to End Torture Quaker Ctr Ben Lomond CA

October 23 Conference on Torture & Healing Burlington Meeting Burlington VT

November 19-21 Quaker Initiative to End Torture Conference Old Chatham NY

Please send a gift to my address below, THANKS!
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my birthday- May 14, my wedding anniversary- August 26, or a Christmas gift.

P. O. Box 301 Putney VT 05346

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